Someday We'll Know...

And if not... We weren't meant to.

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Rick Pitino said more than once that leaving UK was the biggest mistake he ever made.  Amazingly the second he won the National Championship after coaching for UL for 10 years, he stated it was the “Greatest Move” he ever made.

Well I gotta tell you, as a UK fan, watching Coach Cal at UK and seeing our teams over the past 4 years - yes even this past year’s team which taught us all SO much about faith and the BBN and our love for the TRUE UK players (and about what we don’t want or need!) - I totally agree with Pitino.

Thank you so much Rick for making the decision to leave UK so that it was possible for the Big Blue Nation fans to experience the gift of the “Calipera”. 

We cannot wait for this year and this season!

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