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And if not... We weren't meant to.

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I actually just witnessed this.

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So then Glee…

Was just reading up on what’s in store for the 6th season of Glee… and seriously?

I mean am I to understand that the first 4 seasons of this show focused a hell of a lot on these guys following their dreams and NOT becoming “Lima Losers”, the 5th season somewhat went in the direction of them having succeeded (at least some of them going to college, LA, Yale, etc…) and then…


Everyone moves home.

Welcome to Lima.

This is the place where dreams go to die.

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Click here to support Purple for Paige by Rachel Kingsland

I have set up this page to help raise money for a friend and neighbor whose daughter is going through an incredibly trying experience.

Paige is the 6-year-old daughter of my neighbor and longtime friend. In May of 2012 Paige was diagnosed with Chiari Malformation, a structural defect in the brain that leads to a buildup of spinal fluid and can cause a number of debilitating symptoms, including extreme headaches, dizziness, nausea, loss of balance and coordination, vomiting, and behavioral changes.
Since her diagnosis Paige has undergone two brain surgeries, one of those an emergency surgery due to a dangerous buildup of fluid and risk of paralysis. She has endured multiple CT scans and MRI’s, as well as countless other painful procedures. The costs of medical care and travel expenses at this point, including a surgery and follow up appointments in New York (where her specialist is located) have well exceeded her mother’s $30,000 out of network and out of pocket deductible.

If all this weren’t difficult enough for Paige and her mom, on August 21st of this year during a follow up appointment it was discovered that Paige has what is believed to be a completely unrelated tumor on her pituitary gland and a mass in her sphenoid sinus.

On September 6th Logan and Paige traveled to Cincinnati, OH where Paige underwent another MRI in attempt to try and better figure out what they are dealing with. They are currently awaiting results and Paige will be traveling to Vanderbilt hospital in the near future to meet with a pediatric neurosurgeon and endocrinologist as well as traveling to Cincinnati from Lexington each week to see an occupational and physical therapist.

Paige is an incredibly sweet and loving child and it has been devastating for her mother and for their family and friends to have had to watch her go through so much in such a short amount of time. Logan is a hardworking, single mother who is doing everything she can to provide the absolute best medical treatment and specialists for her daughter, take care of her educational needs and deal with this new and difficult news, all while continuing to work full time.

100% of all donations paid will go directly to Logan and Paige to help cover the cost of travel and medical expenses.

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